Optimise your business for multi-currency transactions

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No limits to your business

Our multi-currency wallet are built to make conducting business transactions across multiple countries seamless for you.

Fund your wallet

Create up to 7 wallets and fund in your local currency. Hold NGN, GHS, KES, GBP, USD & AED for limitless business transactions.

Payout to bank accounts and MoMo wallets

Make direct payments in local currencies to bank accounts or Momo wallets. Send money from Nigeria to Ghana or Kenya and vice versa at affordable rates.

Convert between currencies

Swap currencies as you please and get instant deposits to your wallet. See the rates and get the best value on each transaction.

Enjoy Amazing Perks

  • Instant deposits on conversions

  • Secure transactions

  • Competitive rates

  • Global coverage

Need to conduct high-value transactions of up to $10 million at flexible rates?