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My National Service Journey: Trade, Sales, and Client Engagement at Wewire Africa

by Barakat Olatinwo

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National Service is often seen as a transitional experience, a chance to discover latent abilities and navigate the real world. This journey led to a thrilling, eye-opening experience at Wewire Africa, where I dove headfirst into the world of sales, client engagement, and currency trading. This blog celebrates my time at this remarkable organization, where I learned, laughed, and gained a span-new insight into the corporate world. My name is Catherine Nortey, and this is my journey as a National Service Personnel at Wewire Africa.

Wewire Africa: A Brief Introduction

Wewire Africa is a forward-thinking startup providing cutting-edge technology solutions to solve the problem of cross-border payment across the African continent. My role as a national service worker is to assist the Trade and sales team in achieving their goals, which gave me insight into the world of sales, customer relationships, and the Fintech Industry.

The Art of Selling

My primary responsibility at Wewire Africa is in sales. I quickly learned that sales is about pushing products, building relationships, and solving problems. It's an art, and I was eager to become a sales Picasso. Sales are the backbone of any successful business.

You must deeply understand your offering to sell a product or service. It's not enough to know the basics; you need to be able to answer any question a potential client might have and provide them with tailored solutions. This personal touch made every sales call an adventure in itself.

Like a roller coaster, the sales world had ups and downs. But every challenge, every rejection, and every setback made the eventual success more graceful.

The Client Engagement Experience

At Wewire Africa, engaging with clients is not just a one-off task but an ongoing relationship. I quickly realized that building client relationships is just as important as making the sale. I participated in client meetings and witnessed firsthand how the team nurtured these relationships.

The Thrill of Trading

Trading is at the core of Wewire Africa's operations. The office was like a bustling commerce, where deals and agreements were made daily and, most importantly, closing deals that would keep the company's wheels turning. I was lucky enough to be part of the trade negotiations. It was exhilarating, like a high-stakes poker game. The art of negotiation and the thrill of closing deals are experiences I'll never forget.

Vibrant Culture

At Wewire Africa, culture isn't just a buzzword but a way of life! Imagine a place where creativity, innovation, and a dash of humor are mixed to create a workplace culture like no other. Our culture was a symphony of diversity and unity. We embraced individuality and celebrated the power of working together as a cohesive team, much like the many musical genres– each unique but coming together to create something remarkable in the workspace.

My national service at Wewire Africa was a thrilling journey, a lesson in culture, and an adventure of a lifetime – one that I'll cherish forever. I gained a profound appreciation for the importance of building strong client relationships and the art of effective selling, and these skills will undoubtedly serve me well in my future career endeavors.

you'reWhether you’re a student, a recent graduate, or someone looking to make a difference during your national service, consider seeking opportunities that will allow you to develop these vital skills. Your service year can be a pivotal stepping stone in your career journey, just as it was for me at Wewire Africa. Here's to embracing the unexpected and making every day on the job a grand adventure!

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