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Inspiring Inclusion through WeWire’s You Inspire Women’s List

8th March, 2024 by Diadem Akhabue

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In the world today, there are ceilings and barriers, but more women and girls are breaking through these challenges by saying, “Who is going to stop us?”.

It is impossible to deny women's limitations in the workplace and business world. Their gender is often implied and subtly inferred as a limitation rather than a strength. According to the "Women in the Workplace" report by and , women held only 38% of manager-level positions as of 2020. While regulations and policy updates are necessary to bridge this gap and break the bias, it is also vital to highlight women who have broken glass ceilings, powered through difficult terrains, and risen to the top of their fields.

For this year’s International Women’s Day, WeWire is celebrating these women who have inspired us with their grit and tenacity. These women sit at the top of their industries, leading conglomerates and multi-million dollar companies in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. WeWire is an organization that is keen on driving inclusion, and our team currently boasts of almost 45% women, with a sizable number of them on our top management team. This is why we created the You Inspire Women’s List, which spotlights eight inspiring Amazons who have done amazing work across different industries, including manufacturing, tech, health, and finance.

Through this list, we want to tell women they deserve to be included at the top and that it can be done because other women have broken glass ceilings.

Seun Babajide-Duroshola,
Country Growth Marketing Manager, SandTech, ALX Nigeria

Seun Babajide-DurosholaSeun Babajide-Duroshola

Over the last 18 years, Seun has risen through the ranks thanks to her hard work and ability to deliver valuable marketing strategies for clients at all stages of their business. Seun Babajide-Duroshola holds a Bachelor of Science in Management & International Studies from the University of Salford, Manchester, UK. She has held pivotal roles in renowned organizations, including Microsoft, where she was the Enterprise Skilling Program Manager for Microsoft 4Afrika MEA.

Seun also worked as Senior Brand Manager at X3M Ideas, a leading Advertising Agency in Nigeria, where she managed a diverse portfolio of brands, including telecom giant Etisalat (now 9mobile), leading entertainment provider DStv, multinational conglomerate British American Tobacco (BAT), financial services provider Interswitch (Verve Card), and others.

Seun is passionate about exploring new experiences, discovering different cultures through travel, and indulging in diverse cuisines. One can draw a straight line through her diverse interests and her ability to craft the most dynamic marketing strategies that work. Her work at SandTech Technologies through ALX Nigeria has seen thousands of women learn digital skills and equip themselves for take-off.

Temilola Adepetun,
Chief Executive Officer, SKLD Integrated Services

Temilola AdepetunTemilola Adepetun

When it was most challenging to do, Temilola left the Oil & Gas Industry in 2000 to start a one-stop shop for school supplies. Today, that dream started with just two staff members and has grown into a company with seven retail outlets across Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, an online back-to-school store, and five other business locations across Nigeria.

The expansion of SKLD is a testament to her incredible drive for growth and excellence. She launched Nigeria’s flagship uniform brand, serving over 500 schools nationwide, and established a garment production facility employing 95 garment workers and producing over 4,000 garments per month.

Before starting her company, Temilola Adepetun led strategic departments such as Economics & Planning, Treasury, Insurance, and Human Resources in the Oil and gas Sector. As a woman keen on philanthropy and empowering other women, she is a Life Member of Women in Management and Business (WIMBIZ) and the Vice Chairperson of the Board of Directors at C.O.P.E. Foundation, an NGO that provides breast cancer awareness and resources for women.

Yasmin Chandani,
CEO, InSupply Health

Yasmin ChandaniYasmin Chandani

Yasmin Chandani is dedicated to improving people’s access to essential health products and services. It is a passion that drives her and has seen her spend over 25 years supporting and advising national governments, NGOs, and multilateral partners in the strategy, design, implementation, and measurement of robust and sustainable supply chains for health.

Yasmin Chandani has worked in 15 countries and served as a director of multi-country, multi-year, complex initiatives. She spearheads teams in creating innovative supply chain solutions for emerging healthcare initiatives.

Yasmin Chandani's extensive experience, dedication to quality, and advocacy for professionalization make her a highly respected figure in healthcare supply chain management. Her contributions have profoundly impacted access to essential health services and building capacity within the supply chain workforce, ultimately advancing health outcomes across East Africa and beyond.

Victoria Ajayi,
Chief Operating Officer, WeWire

Victoria AjayiVictoria Ajayi

Victoria is a seasoned, transformational leader with 13 years of experience across different fields, including banking, strategy and deals advisory, and fintech. She worked in banking and then as a Management Consultant with one of the big four, PwC, for over six years. During that time, she spearheaded several strategic projects, from setting up a bank to developing cost optimization and business expansion strategies for financial and non-financial institutions.

Victoria also led Strategic Implementation at Flutterwave, one of Africa’s most significant tech players, and served as the Chief Strategy Officer at Descasio, one of Nigeria’s foremost cloud services companies. She currently serves as the COO of WeWire, a B2B cross-border FinTech revolutionising how businesses of all sizes payout and collect money across countries. She is helping to accelerate the company’s growth through seamless and efficient processes.

Victoria was recently part of the transformation committee set up by the NIGCOMSAT, a department of Nigeria’s ministry of digital economy. The committee was tasked with developing and launching a strategy and execution plan for building lasting solutions for public-private partnerships towards strengthening the Nigerian satellite and communications industry.

She is known to be highly passionate about scaling small and medium businesses, driving profitability, and women's empowerment. Outside of work, Victoria is an aviation and fashion enthusiast. She also loves to spend her free time watching movies and predicting their outcomes.

Ized Uanikhehi,
Founder and CEO of Zedi

Ized UanikhehiIzed Uanikhehi

Ized Uanikhehi is the visionary behind Zedi, a forward-thinking enterprise dedicated to fostering the growth of startups. Additionally, she is the driving force behind DigiClan, the largest now global community of digital marketing professionals and enthusiasts. With over 14 years post-college experience in management, business development, and marketing, Ized has spent the last nine years changing the digital marketing landscape of Africa through her works and adopting digital technology for advocacy and business growth.

Ized is a globally recognized thought leader and speaker with a record of appearances on stages and panels worldwide. She has collaborated with multi-billion naira international and local brands, including roles as a Social Producer at CNN and Director of Marketing at MAX.ai.

She has founded startups like TORA and Loose Media. Ized is passionate about building and growing beloved brands in Nigeria, Africa, and beyond, and she thrives on taking on challenging tasks. She has a proven record of developing and executing numerous creative digital strategies and campaigns. She aims to bridge the digital gender divide through community and collaboration efforts.

Regina Honu,
CEO, Soronko Academy

Regina HonuRegina Honu

Regina Honu, CEO of Soronko Academy, is a pioneering figure in Africa's tech and coding scene. She's renowned for empowering youth, especially women, with essential skills for economic empowerment. She was recognized for her contributions and was named to the 2021 Quartz Africa Innovators List.

Under Regina's leadership, Soronko Academy has trained over 32,500 women & girls and expanded to include boys, men, and children with disabilities. In September 2021, she was appointed as a Leadership Champion at the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) at the World Bank.

Regina's achievements include winning the Most Impactful Initiative at the 2020 Women in Tech Global Awards and the 2018 AFS Active Global Citizen Award. In 2017, she was recognized as one of BBC's 100 Most Inspirational Women and served as a role model in TVET. As a global tech and leadership figure, Regina Honu partners with initiatives like the Mastercard Foundation's Young Africa Works to empower 2.1 million Ghanaian women with dignified employment opportunities.

Norvisi Sokpe,
Senior Manager, Strategy & Insights for West Africa, Danone

Norvisi SokpeNorvisi Sokpe

Norvisi sees problems as challenges to be conquered. Throughout her 12-year marketing career, she has solved problems for brands, delivered award-winning campaigns, and been at the forefront of marketing strategies for companies across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Norvisi has a bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Languages and Sociology and is a fluent English and French speaker; she has led strategy and insights teams in the Ghanaian, Nigerian, and Francophone markets. The three things that matter most to Norvisi...RESULTS RESULTS and RESULTS: She has lots of them to show.

Norvisi has conducted research in 22 African countries. She was previously the Senior Researcher for Africa and LATAM within Twitter’s(now X) Global Participation team and an EMEA lead for Twitter Women. She enjoys mentoring younger professionals and is passionate about inspiring more African women to want more for themselves and work diligently to achieve it.

Gloria Atakora
Head of Compliance, WeWire

Gloria AtakoraGloria Atakora

Gloria has spent over ten years in the banking and finance sector working as Business Relationship Manager. Her success as a Business Relationship Manager at Access Bank saw her work with clients across different industries and ensure full compliance to regulations. She now works as the Head of Compliance at WeWire, a B2B cross-border FinTech revolutionising how businesses make cross-border payments.

She spends a lot of time evaluating records and digital information to assess risk and compliance concerns. Gloria is keen on delivering quality work and helping others do their best work so it is no surprise that she has several Best Employee Awards to her name.


These stories of resilience, determination, and success, stand as beacons of inspiration to women across the continent.

Seun, Temilola, Yasmin, Gloria, Victoria, Ized, Regina, Norvisi—each name represents overcoming obstacles, shattering stereotypes, and carving paths where none seemed possible. Their achievements resonate far beyond the boundaries of their industries; they echo in the hearts of every woman striving to claim her place at the table, lead, innovate, and inspire.

As WeWire proudly celebrates these extraordinary women on International Women's Day, let their stories serve as a reminder: barriers may exist but are not insurmountable. With unwavering determination and collective support, we can rewrite the narrative, redefine the norms, and create a world where every woman hears those empowering words, "Go for it," and knows it can be done.

Together, let's continue to champion inclusivity, celebrate diversity, and uplift one another. In our unity lies the power to break barriers, defy limitations, and pave the way for a brighter, more equitable future.

Happy International Women's Day 🩷

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