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Embracing Growth and Expansion with WeWire in 2024

11th January, 2024 by Eben Ghanney

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2023 - What a year!

At the beginning of last year, the WeWire team set lofty goals; we envisioned a world where businesses of all sizes could pay across borders to multiple countries and expand into new markets.

The year ended, and we hit milestones even more significant than our goals.

We grew our client base by over 400% working with businesses from across Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania, and beyond. We enabled payments for firms in diverse sectors, including oil and gas, tech, betting, import and export, and numerous others, enabling them to trade globally.

Our 2023 Milestones

We launched the WeWire web app, a Teams feature, and Corporate Virtual Cards to enable business teams to manage expenses and reliably pay for multiple digital subscriptions.

Every update we made at WeWire aimed to improve business operations for our users and give them a chance to play in the global market. Watching our users expand into new frontiers, make payments to vendors worldwide, build better partnerships, and trade globally using our product was a pleasure.

On our part, we made efforts to strengthen our brand. We moved into our new physical office in Accra, Ghana, attended the GITEX event in Morocco, exhibited at Techcabal’s Moonshot event in Nigeria, and sponsored the Africa Fintech Summit in Ghana.

In December, WeWire was recognized as the Largest B2B Tech Startup out of Ghana and won the Fintech of the Year award at the Ghana Innovation and Startup Awards - worthy accolades for a year of grit and relentless hard work.

A huge part of how we crossed these milestones is the WeWire team’s resilience. In 2023, we hired the top global talents and doubled our staff strength. Our commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity remained unwavering, with our team comprising 40% women and an equal influx of new male and female members.

Our 2024 Plans

In 2024, the aim is to do more!

This year, WeWire is taking a new look. For our product infrastructure, we are excited about exploring new currency wallets, and virtual bank accounts. There is also the launch of our API service and mobile application in the works. Through every product iteration, we focus on giving our users access to a financial tool tailored to meet their payment needs across markets.

This year, we aim to 10x our growth while maintaining our product stability and delivering our brand promise. Hitting this goal will be a wild ride, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our people and product infrastructure have gone through every stage of preparation for the exponential growth we want to see, and now it is GO season🚀🚀🚀!

To close, our work is valuable, and I am glad to have you on this journey as part of our success story.

Let’s cross more borders together.

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