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Best Online Payment Platforms for Businesses in Nigeria

3rd May, 2024 by Diadem Akhabue

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The business world is officially borderless. A business owner in Ghana can seamlessly speak, partner, and transact with another business owner or customer in Doha, Canada, Australia, and anywhere else. While communication and collaboration tools make connecting easy, cross-border payment platforms simplify transactions.

In 2023, the market size of B2B online payments outweighed the payments initiated by consumers. According to FXC Intelligence, the overall online payments market was worth USD 190.1 trillion in 2023, with USD 146 trillion coming from wholesale online payments alone. In 2024, B2B and C2C cross-border payment volumes and revenues will grow rapidly as individuals move abroad for work and exporters look to access new markets.

Businesses need international payment solutions for:

  1. Global Expansion: online payments enable businesses to enter new markets, reach diverse customer bases, enable new supply chain routes, and generate new revenue streams.
  2. Operational Efficiency: Managing multiple currencies and complying with varying financial regulations can be tricky. A robust online payments platform simplifies these complexities, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.
  3. Customer Satisfaction: Today's customers have high expectations. They want seamless payment experiences no matter where they are. Offering localized payment methods can significantly enhance customer conversion and retention rates.

Here are some of the top cross-border payment platforms you can explore for your business


WeWire is a cross-border payment platform for businesses with payment rails across 80+ countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Singapore, Canada, the US, the UK, and the EMEA region. Founded in 2022, WeWire has empowered over 1700 businesses to trade internationally, hold and convert multiple local currencies, and make online payments with secure virtual cards. With its multi-currency wallets, companies can send and receive money from Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. WeWire also offers an OTC Money Transfer Desk for high-value transactions at competitive rates.


This Australian-based B2B payment company was founded in 2015. Today, it boasts a wide range of services, including multi-currency accounts, international money transfers with FX conversion, and multi-currency expense cards for employees.


This cross-border payment company empowers global businesses to send and receive payments from Africa online. Their vision is to connect Africa to the rest of the world through secure online payments. They help merchants with simple checkout integration, disbursement from global currencies to local currencies for African customers, money transfer payments for goods and services, multi-currency accounts to hold and convert currencies, and virtual cards for business subscriptions.


Verto launched in 2018 with an MVP. Today, the product has become a platform for businesses to simplify online payments with global and local bank accounts, multi-currency wallets, cards, and payment links. Verto also offers API services to help companies to automate payouts and manage collections in multiple currencies.


Payoneer's platform facilitates borderless payments, enabling businesses to navigate the global economy. The platform lets you send and receive funds internationally. This fosters a borderless business world, perfect for companies and freelancers seeking global reach without the hassle of complex international banking.


Frictionless commerce powered by global payments isn't just convenient; it's an engine for growth. It fosters trust, strengthens relationships, and unlocks new economic opportunities for businesses and customers worldwide. Growing businesses require reliable cross-border payment services to navigate this exciting new landscape.

But efficiency, transparency, and competitive rates are just the beginning. You need a partner who understands your business goals and helps you navigate every step of the way.

That's where WeWire comes in:

WeWire offers the most competitive rates in the market, with global liquidity spanning Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Partnering with WeWire gives your business the edge to thrive in today's interconnected marketplace.

We're more than payment processors - we're your trusted growth partner. The future of payments is secure, seamless, and built on building bridges, not borders.

What our Customers had to say:

"WeWire's rates are more competitive than most platforms. Onboarding is easy, and using them has greatly improved our operations." - Norbert Dziwornu, Partner, StartOA.

Ready to unlock the growth potential of global payments? Get started with WeWire today!

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